China top PEV market

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Global plug-in electric vehicle sales are up 80%, with China being the top market

Global plug-in light-duty vehicle (PEV) sales increased by about 80 per cent in 2015 to 565,668 units, according to figures compiled by Argonne National Laboratory and posted by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA).

PEV sales in the U.S. declined by 3 per cent to 115,262 units (20 per cent global share); however, sales in China more than doubled to 214,283 units, surpassing all other countries in the number of PEVs sold.

Western Europe as a whole had the second highest volume of PEV sales in 2015 and saw an increase of 80 per cent over 2014.

Though Japan and Canada had lower sales of PEVs by volume, they both had significant increases from the previous year. These reported countries/regions account for about 95 per cent of global PEV sales.

In 2011, global PEV sales were only 50,000 units.


The Tech-K.O. Takeaway:  For a focus on Canadian plug-in EV sales, check out this recent analysis by CrossChasm, an Ontario-based advanced vehicle systems modelling and simulation services provider.

  • Photo:   A man charging the batteries of BAIC Motors electric cars in Beijing (Business Insider).

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