Moving Your Solutions

The decarbonization of transportation systems, which includes everything from improving efficiency to alternative energy, is an intensifying, global trend. Tech-K.O. helps clients cultivate the conditions for the successful introduction of their products and services into the transportation sector. How?

Moving Our Thinking

We see the energy needed to meet the demand for transportation as a function of six fundamental factors, described below. Just click on the photo to follow the changes, innovations and initiatives occurring in each of these areas and learn how they are contributing to the decarbonization of transportation systems around the world.

Recent Stories



Moving an object requires energy. This news feed reports on the ideas that influence what we move, how much and where, such as urban design and vehicle lightweighting.



The source of energy for movement. This news feed follows changes and innovations to all manner of energy commodities that we use to power our vehicles.



Converting fuel energy into motion. This news feed focuses on the power generation and distribution systems used in vehicles, such as engines, motors and transmissions.


Vehicle Rev4

The carriers of what is being moved. Planes, trains and automobiles, this news feed reports on them all, as well as trucks, bikes, boats, drones and spacecraft.



The medium on which and through which everything moves. The stories in this news feed look at all things road, rail, water, earth, wind and space-time.



The “us” in “users.” This news feed covers the human factor, including eco-driving, hypermiling, driver training and education, self-driving vehicle intelligence, apps and more.