Welcome to Tech-K.O.

Tech-K.O. helps clients move their transportation decarbonization solutions to market. New solutions often require specialized support to overcome barriers to market entry, as the established policies and infrastructure that define the transportation sector can be long-lived and unaccommodating of disruptive innovation.

Tech-K.O. provides that support.

We develop and implement comprehensive strategies to promote the adoption of our clients’ solutions. In addition to technical analysis and our knowledge of the industry, we draw on our experience in narrative development to tell a compelling story that achieves the rational and emotional resonance necessary to move things forward.

We assist clients with:

  • business case and value proposition development
  • policy development and advocacy
  • presentations and briefings to private and public sector decision makers
  • communications and promotion
  • media and public engagement
  • stakeholder engagement
  • learning sessions
  • materials development and production

We believe that moving practical solutions to market is key to decarbonizing transportation. A healthy bias toward innovation in fuels, technologies and infrastructure is necessary to successfully deliver mobility services with society’s evolving needs in mind.

Who We Are

Bob Oliver, P.Eng.

Bob Oliver

Passionate about vehicle innovation, Bob works with private companies, government and not-for-profit institutions to cultivate the conditions for commitment to their products, services and ideas among critically discerning audiences whose decisions determine the future of transportation technology, fuel and infrastructure. More …

Linda Klaamas, MPA, LLM

Linda KlaamasLinda’s superpower is finding and crafting the storyline and strategy that will best facilitate achieving a client’s objectives. As her time with the federal government taught her, logic is not enough. A former senior policy advisor at Environment Canada, Linda was a member of Canada’s international climate change negotiating team and led the Canada-U.S. climate change file. She is a Harvard-educated lawyer who began her career as an associate with Dr. Dianne Saxe. More …