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German utility adds grid storage capacity and hydrogen fuelling for vehicles in one shot

ITM Power will supply Germany-based ZEAG with a 1-MW electrolyzer power-to-gas system, by competitive tender. ITM Power is a manufacturer of integrated hydrogen energy solutions for grid balancing and energy storage services, and for the production of hydrogen fuel for transport, renewable heat and chemicals. ZEAG Energie AG generates, distributes and sells electricity in Germany, operating wind, hydro, photovoltaic, nuclear and fossil fuel generating assets. Dr. Graham Cooley, CEO, ITM Power, stated:

We are delighted to be working with ZEAG and DLR on this important sale for ITM Power. Germany continues to be an important early adoption market for hydrogen fuel and Power-to-Gas equipment and we look forward to updating the market in the near future on further sales.

Delivery is planned for the first quarter of 2017.

The Tech-K.O. Takeaway:  The benefit of this type of project is that the electrolyzer creates value on at least two-fronts. First, the power-to-gas feature provides grid energy storage and load balancing, which improves the overall efficiency of the electricity system, reduces costs and better enables the integration of intermittent, passive renewable sources of power. Second, it creates valuable hydrogen gas, which can be converted back to electricity and fed into the grid, or which can be used in industrial chemical processes or to power zero-emission, zero-carbon vehicles. Mississauga-based Hydrogenics is working with Alstom in Europe to deliver a similar vision in which the hydrogen gas is used to power electric commuter railways (for more on this, see story at Green Car Congress). This approach reflects a true systems integration view of value creation for business and for society.

  • Photo:  ITM Power’s 1-MW Electrolyser System (Business Wire).

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